The Opposite of Defensiveness is Humility

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This month has been one of great humbling for me. I don't like to be humbled; no one does. It's uncomfortable, and it goes against all natural "instincts" (a.k.a. sin nature).

Our natural response in times of humbling is to defend ourselves. We want to blame a failure or at least shortcoming on someone or something out of our control. Sometimes that may very well be the case, but often the fact is that we are just people who make mistakes and sin.

Or we had every good intention and kindness of heart behind something we did or said... perhaps even felt led by the Holy Spirit to do so... and it was received poorly. A friend or family member became angry with us or an awkward wedge was driven into a formerly uncomplicated relationship. It leads us to want to explain ourselves and do what we can to justify our words and actions in their eyes, but doing so would only lead to a greater rift.

These are the ways we approach such situations apart from the grace of God. But we who are in Christ are to come under His Lordship and submit to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, even when it puts us at a "disadvantage" in the perspective of the world. It's oh-so-difficult, but oh-so-worth-it.

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus told us the godly response to being taken advantage of or insulted is to "turn the other cheek" (Matthew 5:39). This is another example of how upside-down the Kingdom of God is relative to the world's advice and ideas about success. We are told that those who humble themselves before the Lord will be lifted up (James 4:10) and to not think of ourselves more highly than we ought (Romans 12:3).

Scripture is full of examples of humility being rewarded, and those who choose to serve others and set their ego aside are honored by the Lord Himself. And how much more rewarding is the favor of God Almighty, the One who Himself gave His life for us, than the fickle opinion of man?

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