When "I'm overwhelmed" becomes "I'm overwhelmed by You"

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Not sure if I've mentioned this here yet, but we're expecting baby #2! It's been almost 4 months since I found out, and I have to say, as thrilled as I am to have another precious little one to love, I have been struggling with a lot of doubts this whole time as to how much I can manage at one time.

I'm so grateful to say that we have a lot of really good things happening in our lives right now - things to rejoice over and get excited about, but even good things come with uncertainty and a whole lot of work.

A couple weeks ago I was sitting down to pray about some of these things on my heart, and I just didn't know where to begin. I would start telling my Father about one area of life and suddenly another concern would pop up. Then I would try to focus on that and another problem or fear I had would jump in and take over my brain. I couldn't even pray without anxiety creeping - or rather, storming - in.

All I could say was, "Lord, I'm so overwhelmed." And I just began to cry.

**side note** Sometimes in such moments I feel bad for getting upset or anxious over my seemingly trivial problems in life when I know friends dealing with cancer, chronic unemployment, infertility, or family problems. But we all have our own journey with the Lord, and He knows our frame and empathizes with our weakness, whatever that may be. What a kind, gracious God we serve. **end side note**

As I was fighting my stressed out brain in an effort to lay my burdens at His feet, the Holy Spirit brought the lyrics of a worship song to mind that matched my thoughts exactly. He turned my "I'm overwhelmed" into "I'm overwhelmed by You."

Maybe you know the song by Big Daddy Weave? It talks about being overwhelmed by God's greatness and grace and taking delight in His overwhelming presence. Such a beautiful, perfect thought to switch my mind from the fullness of circumstances to the fullness of my great God who is over all, above all and in all!

I want to make a practice of turning my "I'm overwhelmed" thoughts into "I'm overwhelmed by You" praises. It is so good and so necessary for our hearts to bring our concerns before the throne of grace, but when we can't do it without our minds reeling or our hearts racing, it must be time to worship.

Our God is overwhelmingly huge and able and mighty to save. He is a Healer, Redeemer, Provider and Friend. When we are overwhelmed by Him, we leave no room in our hearts to be overwhelmed by less.

I encourage you to listen to this song when you are alone if you can. Close your eyes and sing along, dance to the rhythm, or stand and sway with your arms raised high. God created our voices, bodies and movement to bring Him glory and help us forget ourselves and worship Him with all of us. It is truly therapeutic, just the way He meant it to be!

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