New Hope for a New Year

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You know what God wants?

I do.

And I'll let you in on a little secret: it's good. Very good.

God wants peace for you. Peace like a river, glorious.

He wants peace in your relationship with your family, that new life would be breathed into what may feel decaying, that He may be glorified in this institution He created.

He wants peace in your friendship, that His glory would shine through even the most selfish past or tense present into a life-giving future.

He wants peace in your church, that the community would see His radiance displayed through the Christ-like character and service of its members.

He wants peace in your work, that you would be fulfilled and filling up others because He has blessed you to make you a blessing.

He wants peace in your soul, deep peace with who you are and everything He made you to be because You are His. You are known. You are loved.

This new year, He offers you new hope in the form of complete peace. This peace is the kind that prevails through the deep waters and raging flames. We acquire it when we choose to rest in the arms of the one who blots out our transgressions for His name's sake and who calls us precious in His sight, the ones He created for His glory.

Peace He offers us. Take hold of His peace.

Happy New Year!

Isaiah 43

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