October 2017 #write31days Day One

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This post is creatively titled because it dawned on me that it was October 1st and #write31days has begun as I ran between my basement where I was cleaning carpets and my fitfully sleeping child two flights of stairs up multiple times this evening between the hours of 8 and 10 PM.

So here I am. I don't really have a theme this year, as I pretty much decided tonight that I would be doing this, more for therapeutic reasons than any other... why else would one write? October may become a collection of my thoughts on life right now, or it may become a play-by-play of my ever-inching growth in the area of spiritual disciplines, or it may become a commentary on the book of Ezekiel, which I happen to be reading through at the moment, and for which I had very low expectations, and in which God has surprised me many times.

For today, I am basking in the glow of the moving of the Spirit in my heart (and, I believe, many others' hearts) during the service at church this morning. The sermon was on Mark 1 when Jesus tells the Good News of the Kingdom of God and took us through a brief history of how Scripture and all time shows that the King of Kings is truly Lord over all. The kings of this earth will crumble and fall, but our God is victorious! And when we repent and believe that Jesus is Lord, we become citizens of the only Kingdom that will last forever! And He shall reign forever and ever!! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

While the Hallelujah chorus would not have been out of place in the service this morning, we sang Rich Mullins' My Deliverer instead, and Rich Mullins and his fellow Ragamuffin songwriters know how to speak to me. Well, at least, it's quite obvious they knew/know Jesus, and the Holy Spirit has used their music to speak to me. YouTube Rich Mullins Sing Your Praise to the Lord and see if you can keep a smile off your face. Then follow it with We Are Not as Strong as We Think We Are and Screen Door, and for crying out loud, just buy his whole album "Songs". You're welcome.

Back to the service. I just have to say, I am so incredibly thankful to God for my church. It is a big church, but it feels like a small church in all the best ways, and it has a thriving music ministry in which I am happy to be able to serve, and we are committed, committed to the Word of God and prayer. Praise the Lord! May our church leadership and body remain faithful to You, Lord, and may we be bold in our witness to the city in which You've placed us.

I've heard five paragraphs should be enough to communicate a thesis, but since I sort of have two theses for this introductory post, I'm wrapping it up with a sixth. Thanks for reading, and stay tuned, because I pray I will have words much more encouraging and focused in the days to come.

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