Fishers of Men

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Sundays are going to be the easy days for this #write31days thing because my pastor does most of the work for me. Seriously, this morning was another great, great service - music, sermon, altar call, the whole package. God was at work in my heart again. Thank You, Lord.

This week the passage was from Mark 1 when Jesus calls Simon Peter and Andrew, James and John to follow Him. I was reminded of the Sunday School song: "I will make you fishers of men, fishers of men, fishers of men, I will make you fishers of men, if you follow Me." A simple song with a powerful message straight from Scripture.

Like my pastor, apparently, I don't have the gift of evangelism. The very few times I've shared the Gospel with someone face to face I've stumbled over my words. My testimony isn't very exciting. I don't have some really clear-cut transformation story to share with people. Which has led me to be timid in my witness and stifle the Spirit when He prompts me to strike up a spiritual conversation.

Sometimes I feel like I ought to memorize all the apologetics arguments and study evangelism methods and practice in front of a mirror or something before I even invite a neighbor over for coffee. Well, tea, since I don't actually have a scrap of coffee in my house. And while it certainly wouldn't hurt to do those things (maybe minus the mirror part), I was reminded this morning that Jesus only tells us to follow Him. When we do, He is the One who will equip us, prepare us, give us words, and make us fishers of men.

The world needs Jesus so, so desperately. It can be overwhelming to think about and cause me to wonder how I could ever put a dent in the problem. But that's me thinking that I am somehow responsible for the fate of the world. I'm just not that powerful. All Jesus calls me to do is follow Him, with an open heart to do what He tells me to do, and He will be the One who enables me. And He will be the One who saves.

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