Falling into Rest

Photo by Rachel Omnès on Unsplash

I used to love pumpkin pie - at least my grandma's because she made the buttery, flaky crust from scratch. It was my favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner.

Somehow, though, over the last 5-10 years, my taste for pumpkin and squash-like things has diminished greatly. And while all the other girls are like "give me pumpkin pie spice and everything nice" as we head into autumn, I'm more like, "give me summer and sunshine as long as possible," and, "please, no, not winter again!"

However, I've been thinking today about how nice and calm this fall weather seems. Today was a bit crisp and spicy, like a good Fuji apple. I wore a baggy sweatshirt and yoga pants and just felt cozy. It was good.

While I dread (okay - maybe too strong of a word...) winter's approach, fall is a season that reminds me to rest. Yes, certainly some people's lives pick up pace in the fall with school and programs and commitments, but the early, dark evenings lend themselves much better to a warm cup of something, a fire - inside or out - and allowing life to quietly nestle into place.

Just like we need winter to remind us of our desperate need for God to make all things new (or is that just me?), spring to invigorate us and get us to pursue cultivating life, and summer to fill us with energy and delight in each moment, we need fall to remind us to rest.

I may no longer crave a slice of pumpkin pie, but I'm thankful for these moments to rest in God's presence and just enjoy stillness, observing the blazing beauty around me and thanking Him in whom "we live and move and have our being." (Acts 17:28)

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