The Role of Obedience in Grace

What shall we say, then? Shall we go on sinning so that grace may increase? By no means! We are those who have died to sin; how can we live in it any longer?
Romans 6:1-2

Just now I returned from a chilly winter walk. The stroll’s purpose was two-fold: one, to get me out of the house, and two, to let the crisp air clear my head. I have been managing a headache all day, and cold air does wonders to numb my over-stimulated brain.

As He most often does, God had greater plans for my excursion. He wanted to meet with me. Since all the space I had given to Him thus far in the day included three minutes of reading a devotional and a single verse from the Psalms, He pushed me out of the house, away from my bed, detective show, Facebook, and most recent addiction, Solitaire.

I’ve been battling the sin of laziness for a good long while, and, it seems, mostly losing. When you’re a homemaker with no children, a musician, and a writer, laziness is not a small, simple temptation. It’s a monster. And when this monster has robbed you of days and weeks of effectiveness for the Kingdom, it leaves behind a whole lot of unworthiness.

I don’t want to be lazy. But I do. I don’t want to spend an entire morning in my pajamas watching TV. But I do. This is not the will of God for my life. Often when I tell people that I haven’t been productive, they’ll offer me some excuse, like, “It’s good to find balance between work and play,” and, “God wants us to rest, too.” Yes. Both statements are true. This, however, is not my problem. This is the problem for some people, but not for the rest of us.

God met me today and offered me the Grace of His presence, even on a day of making crummy choices, both inside and outside my head. He simply said, “If you seek Me, you will find Me, if you search with all your heart.” (Jeremiah 29:13) And then He delighted in me.

He desires my obedience. Jesus was always perfect and pleasing to the Father, and the whole aim of sanctification is to make us like Christ. Obedience is a Christ-like goal for me. Yet somehow, Grace trumps all.

I don’t understand the role of Obedience in God’s great scheme of Grace. Somehow, I think that might be the point. After all, it is by grace I have been saved, through faith (Ephesians 2:8). With the new year’s commencement I surrender to this paradox. I will walk by faith, in obedience, knowing that my obedience merits nothing of itself. My Savior has won favor for me in the eyes of my God, so there is nothing left for me but to delight in Him.

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