She Laughed

“We’re not laughing with you; we’re laughing at you.” My dad’s family was quick to remind him that his jokes weren’t funny, so they reversed the idiom. I didn’t realize he wasn’t funny for years. He once stumped me with the chicken and a half riddle. One day it dawned upon me that he told the fish with no “eyes” (i’s) joke to every person who came to visit. Then I connected the dots.

Have you ever laughed at God? I know it sounds disrespectful. Still, I’m pretty sure a goodly portion of us have, at some point, let out a chuckle as if to say, “Good luck, God.”

Sarah laughed at God. She’s eavesdropping into the following conversation.

God’s like, “You’re gonna have a ton of offspring.”

Abraham’s like, “I don’t know, God, ‘cuz I’m like 100 and maybe I still got it but my wife is like 90. 90 in years. 90 years old.”

God’s like, “Yeah, I know, but I’m sticking to what I said.”

And empty-wombed Sarah is just holding on to her seedless gut, “Bahahaha!”

That comes from Genesis 12-18. Check it out.

So God tells you to adopt a child with special needs. And you laugh because you think, I have no life experience or knowledge or patience or even enough love to handle that.
God says, Love on the homeless and the under resourced. Again, you just laugh because that can’t be your calling. You are completely unequipped. These people won’t even want me, you think. I don’t know how to identify with people in these situations.

God asks you to give a larger percent of your income your church and missions, and you laugh, saying, ha! God thinks this is an income!

You laugh because God keeps telling you that He’s preparing you for marriage, but you’ve watched for decades as every man remotely near your age was either married or buried, and you’re left with an empty house and empty heart.

Yes, Sarah laughed at God. And she even had the audacity to deny it. At least we’re smart enough to know He sees everything, even our raw, cynical laughter.

The story isn’t over, though. Has God written the final chapter of your life? Yes, but you haven’t read it yet, have you? I didn’t think so.

God did the impossible and gave Sarah a child at a record-breaking age. She named him Isaac. Why?

Sarah said, “God has given laughter to me. Everyone who hears about this will laugh with me.” Genesis 21:6

Sarah laughed at God at first.

Then she laughed with God.

I’m sure our disbelief breaks God’s heart, but He must just laugh sometimes, saying, “Oh, if only you knew what’s next.”

You may be laughing now in disbelief and even pain. But I pray you will laugh later in belief and praise and sheer joy because you can say with Sarah, “God has given laughter to me.”

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