Something We All Need to Hear

An excerpt from Kamea by Jeri Howe:

Kamea was not sure what he meant when he said "the truth" about her. She grimaced and braced herself as he pulled the cloth from the mirror. On the beautiful wooden frame it had the word "Faith" engraved on the top and, as she looked, she did not recognize what she saw. There was a woman there, a beautiful, good, pure, spotless, unblemished woman. She was radiant. As Kamea studied her, she seemed faintly familiar. Kamea was stunned. She reached and touched her own face, and the woman in the reflection did the same. Kamea was speechless. That woman, could that be Kamea herself?

I just finished reading the book, Kamea, by Jeri Howe, a couple days ago. This excerpt really touched me for two reasons: One, the mirror is labeled "Faith", and that name is dear to me. :) And two, the woman reflected in the mirror was radiant, and that is the goal of my blog.

I am writing this blog to remind myself and anyone else who is in Christ that when we look to Him, we are radiant. I want you to remember that the next time you look in the mirror and are tempted to see your old self, the old, sinful self that is ugly and distorted. That is no longer who you are, and that is no longer who I am because, in Christ, we are new creations. The old has gone, the new has come (2 Corinthians 5:17). When God looks at us now, He sees beauty and perfection because of Christ!

Kamea is an allegory along the lines of Pilgrim's Progress based on the story of the Woman at the Well from John 4. If you're interested in learning more about it, you can check out Jeri Howe's website: FYI: Jeri has no idea who I am or that I'm writing this post, so I'm receiving no benefit for mentioning her book here. I just wanted to share that message with you all. :)

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  1. Absolutely, Amen! Thank you for the reminder! So easy to forget and believe Satan's lies and accusations!