Why I'm not a Feminist

There is neither Jew nor Greek, 
there is neither slave nor free, 
there is no male and female, 
for you are all one in Christ Jesus.
Galatians 3:28

There's a trend these days to call oneself a Christian feminist. I believe this comes from a heart responding to the injustices of sex trafficking, pornography, abuse, and unequal pay or hire in the workplace. But anytime someone begins to use a label for themselves or other people, they open themselves up to false accusations, assumptions, and inaccurate associations.

If Christian feminists believe that women and men are both created in the image of God, I agree.

If Christian feminists believe that women and men are both valued and loved equally by God, I agree.

If Christian feminists believe that women and men can be equally skilled, talented, and gifted in many areas, I agree.

If Christian feminists believe that there are injustices and false stereotypes and evil objectifications and abuses in our culture, I agree.

But why do we need to add "feminist?"

Is "Christian" not enough?

Christian should mean Christ-follower and "like Christ." Sadly, not everyone who call themselves Christians really are, which has led to many in our world being turned off by that name.

Jesus wasn't a feminist. But Jesus loved and valued women. Do Christians love and value women enough that the title of "Christian" is enough to tell the world who we're representing? No, we don't. Many of us have made sorry fools of ourselves by acting just like the world around us. We don't care for single mothers and women stuck in low-level jobs and rape victims and prostitutes like Jesus did.

Jesus did not need to add "feminist" to His name because His character showed the world who He really was.

I'm not going to copy all the text where Jesus interacts with or talks about women, but I've included a few references so you can do a little study for yourself.

The woman with a flow of blood - Mark 5:25-34

The widow's mite - Luke 21:1-4

The woman caught in adultery - Matthew 5:27-30

The Samaritan woman - John 4:1-42

Please, don't call yourself a feminist. If we believe Christ is truly enough for this world, let's instead follow His example of caring for women. Let's magnify Christ and call ourselves Christians.

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