Coming Up Dry

Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called and about which you made the good confession in the presence of many witnesses.
1 Timothy 6:12

My spiritual life lately has consisted of CCM in the car; convicting reminders from coworkers that I need to pray for persecuted Christians and people who are suffering, not just that I can make it through the day; and a realization that I'm no longer participating in the SSMT because I'm off Facebook for Lent and therefore getting no notifications.

That was one sentence, by the way. Gotta love the semicolon.

I'm not happy where I am. But I'm comfortable, and I was afraid it would take something very uncomfortable to budge me from this position, which has actually happened.

The other day a friend emailed me to ask about my future plans, so I spilled the beans about my hopes and dreams for this blog and how God might use my gifts, etc. etc. She replied back, "Faith, I celebrate you and the calling God has placed on you."

That made me feel warm and cold at the same time. Warm because, well, isn't that nice she appreciates what I'm doing? Cold because I'm not taking my calling seriously enough. Shivers, really. Shivers in my conscience.

One can't teach without knowing her material. One can't encourage without having been encouraged. One can't love without sitting at the feet of Love.

That One is me. Yes, there's grace because I'm moving in six short days and have been traveling to various ski areas and marriage conferences on the weekends and rehearsing for musicals and concerts and trying to maintain friendships while working part-time and attempting to eat healthy and work out regularly. Sense the stress?

But if I am to take up this responsibility, whether one reads this blog or 101 read it, I must saturate myself in God's Word and presence. Worship music, however biblical, is not a substitute for improvised, real-time conversation with, waiting for, listening to, learning from the Source of Truth.

I'm in a busy season, but I'm never too busy to pray.

It's funny how I just posted a vlog about how God equips us when He calls us, and I am now feeling very unequipped. The key is this: You can't use your tools if you don't take them from the one who is handing them to you. God's hands are open, overflowing with blessings and power to bestow on each of us when we undertake something in His Name. I need to reach out and take hold of what God wants for me.

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Hello! I'm Faith. I'm a verbal processor who wants to love the Lord and love people with all my heart, soul, mind and strength. I write to think and think to write. I don't drink coffee. I am a dogless dog lover. I enjoy hosting large parties in my home, and I enjoy being alone. Join me in looking to Him and pursuing A Radiant Face.


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