A House is Established

By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established.
Proverbs 24:13

My husband and I just moved into our new house on Tuesday! (Thus the lack of blog posts recently, compounded by our trip to Boyne Highlands for skiing last weekend.) It took the movers a brief 8.5 hours to pack up all our stuff from the apartment, go to my parents' house to pick up the stuff they kept in storage for me, and unpack everything at our house. Yikes.

Today was the first day we could both commit to several solid hours of unpacking. I started with my beautiful kitchen, which now has a pile of boxes that reminds me of the barricade in Les Mis. And that's only half the boxes I have to unpack.

Although I didn't have time to unpack after work Wednesday afternoon because of choir practice that evening, I did take the hour I had to hang and place our photos and plaques and decor like that. It added a little something in a short time.

The former Philippine missionary and his wife who married us gave us a plaque for our wedding, and I hung it right next to the front door. It quotes Proverbs 24:13 in pretty scrolling letters, and it reminds my husband and me that the foundation of our home is not dependent on how efficient or entertaining we can make it. Instead, we seek wisdom on how to build up each other and understanding on how to establish our family.

The word "establish" has a couple definitions. The simplest is "to set up." To me, I don't really picture "setting up" my family. I can picture "setting up" house, which is exactly what we're working on now, but you can't really "set up" your children.

Another definition for establish seems more applicable to me when I think of my home and family: "to achieve permanent recognition or status for." I want my family to be known, not for our beauty or talent or cleanliness, but for how we proclaim Christ! Randell and I want our home to be established as a place of peace, joy, and love, a place that when people walk across our doorstep, they sense the presence of God, and they want to know more.

As we establish our home, we seek wisdom and understanding directly from the source: God's Word. In Psalm 127, He tells us, "Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain." And Psalm 128 says the man who fears the Lord will not only be blessed himself, but his wife and children will be fruitful as well. That is the kind of home for which we pray.

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