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I can list a number of people I just don't like. In fact, I don't have much respect for them at all. I don't want to get to know them, I don't want to acknowledge their presence, and I certainly don't want to love them.

Why do I feel this way?

Because they have been rude to me or hurt me in some way. Because I've seen how they interact with others, and I am offended by their behavior. Because they are narcissistic and selfish.

But I am that person.

When Christ didn't offer His love to worthy people. We have all despised and rejected Him at some point. We have all spat in His face and run away from His open arms.

I am unworthy, but He loves me still.

There are people who are easy to love because, while they have faults, they have shown love to us. They have been friendly to us or helped us with something. You could say they seem a little more worthy than others to receive our love.

Because love is a vulnerable, precious thing. Sometimes we can feel like we're throwing our pearls to swine (see Matthew 7 for context) when we love someone who is rude and selfish and ego-centric.

But how much more amazing is that love when we pour it out freely on those who don't deserve it? How amazing is the love of Christ, who loved us while we were yet sinners?

As I struggle to learn to love these unlovable people, I have an ultimate example of Love to follow, and He never stopped to think whether I was worthy. Thank You, Jesus!

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