Verse #2: SSMT Isaiah 41:10

My heart racing, I stepped warily toward the bathtub, bracing myself. I detoured to turn on Pandora on my tablet, which was balanced on the back of the toilet, looking rather nervously at the toilet seat below, if tablets can look nervous. Praise music filled the air, calming me slightly. I didn't hum along as I usually did; my next act would take too much concentration. I resumed my course toward the shower. Now I could feel the blood pumping in my neck.

My hand whipped up to eye level and yanked the shower curtain to the right with a swoosh. My heart slowed by two beats per minute. Nothing there. Breathed deeply. I grabbed the eye makeup remover leaning in the corner of the shower caddy and moved back to the sink. Part one down, parts two and three to go.

As I spread the creamy makeup remover over my mascara-thick eyes, I tried to hum along with the praise songs pouring out of my tablet. Opening my eyes meant serious stinging and extra rinsing, so I forced myself to keep them shut, wishing I could open them the entire time.

After groping for the toilet paper roll, ripping off a square, and blotting my blackened eyes, I looked for the facial cleanser. Sometimes it sits on the counter near the toothbrush holder, ready and rearing to be squeezed. I can't tell you how many times I've almost spread toothpaste on my face and squeezed face soap onto my toothbrush. Other times, it's put away in the drawer just to the left of the sink.

The facial cleanser was on the counter this particular night, so I reached for it and readied myself for the next minute or two of washing. You see, I'm afraid of what could be in my house; namely, creepy people, murderous people, thieves with weapons, or just plain crazy people. Especially the crazy people, after watching Jane Eyre once.

I hate having to close my eyes for those minutes while washing my face. I feel vulnerable because I can't see the attacker's approach and because I'm leaned over the sink, my defenseless hands full of water. It's a silly fear in the daytime or when my husband's home or after I've watched a charming fairy tale, but it's a fear as real as the water I splash my face with. What if someone had snuck into our home while my husband and I were at work? What if they had evil intentions toward me? What if I couldn't defend myself or simply fainted from fright?

The best method I've found to combat these "what ifs," these lies, is to quote Scripture and name God's attributes. If it's too hard to speak while I'm covering my face with soap and water, I turn to picturing myself wrapped in God's arms or surrounded by His angels. As long as I can focus on those truths: His Word, His character, and His promises, I feel safe.

It is embarrassing for me, a grown woman, to share with you that I freak out almost every time I wash my face at night. But I share this because I know we all have very real fears, whether reasonable or unreasonable, that instill lies into our minds. I want to tell you that you can overcome with the power of God's Word and in His Name.

That is one reason why I chose Isaiah 41:10 for my second Siesta Scripture Memory Team verse. Judah has just been threatened by Babylon, and they know they're beat. Yet God tells them, "I am with you," even in the midst of war or occupation or slavery. No matter what they face, God is their God, and He will uphold them.

No fear is too small for God. "For He knows our frame; He remembers that we are dust." (Psalm 103:14) He is your God, and He is with you.

"...fear not, for I am with you;
    be not dismayed, for I am your God;
I will strengthen you, I will help you,
    I will uphold you with my righteous right hand."
Isaiah 41:10

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