Immediate Yes

My prayer life has gone through seasons. Sometimes it's in spring, where I have renewed energy and determination to spend more time with the Lord. Occasionally it's in summer, when I am full of desire to commune with God throughout the day and even for long stretches of time.

Lately it's been in winter, dry and honestly disappointing. This often happens when I can't hear an answer to my requests or when the answer is no. It is discouraging when I hear, "wait, wait, wait," from the Lord, and I begin to wonder if He doesn't understand how important my requests are to me.

But I know He does. I know He cares for me (1 Peter 5:7), even to the hairs of my head (Matthew 10:30). And I know He even answers prayers with an immediate yes.

In Matthew 8, Jesus begins a string of healings, starting with a leper. He continues to heal a centurion's servant, cast out demons, calm a storm, and heal a paralytic. These all come as direct and immediate affirmative answers to the petitioners' pleas.

I have my own stories of immediate answer to prayer. Last week, I was looking for a particular book as a gift for someone. Meijer was the only place I had time to check for the book, so I power walked to the very small, very limited book section with little hope they would have this special book.

I started on the end cap, scanning the shelves with no success. Then I scooted sideways down the aisle slowly, checking each section. As I reached the end of the row, I was disappointed and began to turn away. But as I did, my eyes dropped slightly and there it was! The book I looked for - the very last copy sitting right in front.

Thank you! I whispered to my Lord. Because in that moment I knew that little book was His way of saying the little details of my life matter to Him. And it is those experiences that show me I must keep praying, and I must keep opening my heart to the Lord. Not just because He sometimes answers "yes" right away, but because I have my mind tuned to His voice, and I have the opportunity to enjoy thankfulness.

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