I'm on the Young Adult Missions Panel at my church. Sounds fancy, but we simply meet monthly to pray for our adopted missionaries, the countries where they serve, and our church's young adult community, for God's mission to take root among those groups. It's a powerful thing, and I'm grateful to be part of it.

The other night we heard from a beautiful woman named Sharon who works at our church about how God called her family to move to Maine. The previous month we heard from a vibrant man named Josh about how God called his family to move from Texas to Maine to plant a church. So now these two families, who prior to last year had no connection, will be living and working together in a very post-Christian community in Maine, bringing God's light to a dark place.

It struck me, though, after hearing both testimonies, how God calls people differently. Sometimes He tells us to leave it all behind, but sometimes He takes it away to enable us to move freely.

In Josh's case, he owned a successful company in Texas. Their family was well-off financially, involved in a great church, and situated among a loving community of friends. Josh and his wife and daughters didn't think anything was wrong. They were involved in ministry and doing good things in Jesus' name. Then one day God told Josh to sell his business, move his family to Maine, and plant a church. So he did.

A little over a year ago, Sharon's husband lost his formerly very secure and stable job due to budget cuts. They told God they were opening their hands to do whatever He called them to. Wherever He wanted them to go, they would go. Not too long after, Josh was at our church meeting with the elders and missions staff because we are supporting him in his church plant. After meeting with Sharon, he asked if she and her husband had ever considered moving to Maine. God worked in Sharon's heart and among the rest of her family to tell them that was where they needed to go. They're moving to Maine this summer.

These stories just struck me with how good God is with teaching us to do His will. You'll be leaving behind good things like a good job or good friends no matter what the circumstances. But God's goodness and faithfulness supersedes anything good we thought we had to give up. That is the overarching theme of these two testimonies. God never removes something good without replacing it with Someone better - Himself, and all the perfect Love and fullness of Joy that He is.

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