Introducing myself

I'm Faith. Nice to meet you virtually at some point, I hope. Gee, blogging is a funny thing. Anyway, I'm a real person, and Faith is my real name. I have a real family and a real husband and a real job. They're all amazing, and I am so grateful.

I'll go in semi-reverse order of importance, saving the best for last.

I work at The Potter's House, which is an urban, Christ-centered school in an academically and financially poor area of Grand Rapids. You will not believe some of the incredible testimonies of students who come out of that place. From families with little or no high school education to successful entrepreneurs and grad school professors, and from a background without Christ to passionate Jesus-followers and missionaries, what God has done and is doing at The Potter's House keeps me going to work every day rejoicing that He lets me be a part of it. And the best part of it is, I get to tell people these stories because I'm the writer. It's a fantastic job.

Here's my family: Dad, Mom, and Brother Micah. I don't actually call him Brother Micah, but he has lots of other nicknames, which he hears much more often than Micah. Poor guy. My Mom and Dad are wonderful, godly people who have loved God, each other, and my brother and I so faithfully. My brother has a black-belt in Hapkido (I always put that in to scare people), is a gifted music composer and arranger, is pursuing a career in physical therapy, and is an excellent, patient teacher of anything he happens to be teaching. Plus he's an all-around genius. I'm his big little sister, if you can't tell.

And here's my stunningly handsome, amazingly loving, phenomenally talented, and ridiculously smart husband: Randell. I just cannot believe what a good gift God gave me in him. We're newlyweds: September 20, 2014 in case you want to send us an anniversary card next year. God made Randell wait a long time and travel to a different country to find a wife, and God brought me through a couple rough patches and totally transformed my heart toward missions (yet another long story) before bringing Randell to me. We both like to sing and dance and act out a little bit, so we do those things together. Oh, and he's a better cook than me, but I'm improving. I bake better than he does, so we're even. I really like to talk, and Randell is an excellent listener - very encouraging. I'm a Euro-American mutt, and Randell is Chinese, but he was born and raised in the Philippines, which makes him super cool and gives him a sexy accent. I'm excited to see what our kids look like. I'm also trying to learn Tagalog before we have any so we can speak that in our home.

Magkita ulit tayo!

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Hello! I'm Faith. I'm a verbal processor who wants to love the Lord and love people with all my heart, soul, mind and strength. I write to think and think to write. I don't drink coffee. I am a dogless dog lover. I enjoy hosting large parties in my home, and I enjoy being alone. Join me in looking to Him and pursuing A Radiant Face.


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